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Don't risk your hair

TO THE EDGE 2018 JAN issue


Article #1. Risk of hair condition.

"Don't risk your hair condition. Your Dark(Tinted) Hair won't be a blonde in 2 hours"

2017, "Go blonde" were trend movement and I did a lot of lightening hair process on my clients.

Often client asks me about process time, cost.

I take time to consult and communicate with client to explain

"What it take to go blonde" especially dark Asian, Latino and middle eastern hair.

These years, industries lightener (used to call Bleach...) got so much better.

Some of the bland lightener can lift up to 8 level.

Is that means level 2 hair can lift to level 10?

Answer is Yes and no.

Hair has a strength which provided by protein, moisture and

many other essential elements inside hair.

Lightening process will remove all those things not only pigment.

If hair lose essential elements from your hair before hair reach to be a blonde means

"Hair breakage" which most likely happened when we rush the process.

One of an example.

I took "3 sessions" to create her platinum blonde hair.

I started to lightened her hair with low volume peroxide and no heat in the process.

Adding bond builder (Olaplex) to protect her hair.

She had a bad hair breakage experience at other salon before she found me,

so why not to be safe?

healthy hair process to ease her nervousness from her hair breakage trauma.

I know women loves to say "I want to get it today right now" but hair is your friend forever. Let's see big picture in the long run. Once your hair over damaged, you will spend money and time to just repair the hair.

Healthy hair let you to have various option for your hair future.

Let's take a risk to challenge new style!! not risk your hair condition!!


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